Chicco Coffee and Dessert bar on Robson is a cute little cafe that specializes in cakes and some interesting parfaits. After a delicious meal with friends, some of us had a sweet tooth and wanted to end the night with some dessert.

Chicco’s is quite small. There are only few tiny wooden tables and chairs crammed into a small, tight space. Despite this, Chicco’s was hopping and clearly popular. The front counter sits a cooler full of gelatos, various fruits, and some interesting sweet delights. Tre and I ordered the Geen Tea Parfait to share. Chicco calls this their Best 1 — we’re assuming from the name, that this is their best parfait. The Green Tea Parfait is made up of sponge cake, vanilla gelato, corn flakes (yes, those corn flakes), whipping cream, green tea gelato, red beans, green bean mousse cake and rice cakes. Our friends ordered the Tiramisu Parfait, which is basically the same thing — just a stacked with slightly varying ingredients.


It took awhile for our parfaits to be made. Staff took the time to carefully assemble our parfaits delicately, ensuring they were presentable in the plastic cups. But  it was well worth the wait. The Green Tea Parfait was yummy: the gelato was light and tasty and complimented the red beans; the corn flakes added a nice sweet crunch and texture; the rice cakes were surprisingly good, as I don’t even like rice cakes; and the vanilla sponge cake was light and fluffy and wasn’t soggy from the gelato. We thought the parfait would be heavy and difficult to eat but, it was surprisingly light — I could have eaten another one! Our friends thought their Tiramisu was alright, but felt it was a bit too pricey — and we agree.


At $7.50 each for our parfait, the price is steep. But the parfaits were good, and I can see Chiccos becoming one of our favourite dessert spots. The only downside is if you want to sit inside — there is a minimum order of $7.50 per person. Or you can skip the cramped dining area and simply grab one to go.

Perfect for: A nice, light snack.

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1504 Robson Street, Vancouver

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