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The Well is a quaint, Mount Pleasant neighborhood restaurant serving beautifully presented Mediterranean influenced dishes in an unpretentious, friendly atmosphere.

The Well has a interesting decor, a mish mash of old world/country club. The dining tables are draped with dark table cloths, paired with upholstered, metal framed chairs. A pretty, fresh orchid resting in water adds some femininity to the table. The painted walls are adorned with warm, modern colors that coordinate with the rest of the interior.

(Above: Smoked Salmon Scramble.)

The brunch menu is nice and simple. Tre orders the four cheese omelette, while I opted for the smoked salmon scramble, accompanied by two cups of coffee. Tre’s four cheese omelette was light and fluffy. A blend of four cheeses were gently folded into the omelette, not simply stuffed in the middle. My awesome smoked salmon scramble had generous amounts of salmon; the saltiness added a nice touch to the scrambled eggs.

Our entrees came with fresh fruit and hash browns. The fruit wasn’t simply a slice of cantaloupe or an expired looking wedge of orange, but actual fresh cut pieces of pineapple, strawberry, cantaloupe, watermelon and a handful of red grapes. The dishes were curiously garnished with a bunch of enoki mushrooms and a couple stems of of chives. The hash browns were nicely seasoned and had a touch of sweetness. Our friendly hostess also served us hot sauce in miniature spoon ladles, which was more elegant than plopping down a crusty bottle of tabasco.

(Above: Four Cheese Omelette.)

Our meals including taxes and tips came to $35. It’s not the cheapest brunch in town, but is definitely worth it. We both polished off our plates, even though my hubby dutifully helped me out with some of my dish. Our service was great and on our way out, the chef even thanked us from behind the kitchen.

Perfect for: simple, leisurely brunch on Main Street.

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3048 Main Street, Vancouver

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