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Lost in the melange of discount Sushi and Greek restaurants along the Davie corridor sits the ridiculously stylish yet understated La Brasserie, a self-described Franco-German restaurant serving up an eclectic mix of classic French bistro fare and German comfort food.

(Top to bottom: 1. A respectable outlay for coffee, served in a French press. 2. French Toast served with caramelized apple, creme fraiche and coulis.)

Case and I had passed by La Brasserie once before making a mental note to return from Brunch when we saw that they had something called a “Breakfast Poutine” on their menu. Today was the day of reckoning as we strolled in for an early morning brunch. The dining room was already bustling with activity as the room filled with the sonic ear candy of an infectious French pop band that regrettably Shazam was unable to identify.

Their brunch menu was respectably terse with less than a dozen items. After being recited the daily specials (including the Oeufs, Omelette and Soup du Jour), we put in our order – Case with the French Toast, and I couldn’t resist the infamous Breakfast Poutine. Our coffee order arrived in a French Press, accompanied with coffee cups that appeared to have been pre-warmed (or perhaps had simply just come out of the dishwasher).

(Above: Breakfast Poutine: Poached egg over Fries and topped with cheese curds, bacon and pork gravy.)

Case’s French toast was the definition of decadence: a generous portion of toast soaked in a beautifully seasoned egg batter and served with caramelized apple, a drizzle of some kind of berry coulis, caramel syrup and a dollop of creme fraiche. My Breakfast Poutine, on the other hand, was simply pure gluttony: a perfectly poached egg topped with hollandaise sauce served over frites, cheese curds and lardon, drizzled with truffle oil, all swimming in a well of pork gravy. If you don’t have a cardiologist yet, you will after this meal, but it’d be all worth it.

We were pleasantly surprised our meal only set us back $34 including taxes and tips and coffee for two. For the quality of food and service we received, this is most certainly one of the city’s best values.

Perfect for: Brunch. Period.

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1091 Davie Street, Vancouver

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