BreakfastJoe’s Grill on West 4th


Joe's Grill on West 4th

Joe’s Grill is a diner on West 4th. Case and I used to frequent the one on Davie and had fond memories of the eggs for breakfast as well as the corned beef hash. We’ve been to the West 4th location a couple times prior, but were consistently underwhelmed. We found ourselves once again on West 4th seeking a quick and inexpensive brunch. Bypassing our West 4th default, the Gypsy Rose Cafe, we headed onto Joe’s Grill to seek redemption.

Joe's Grill on West 4th
(Top to bottom: 1. Reuben Sandy on a diet. 2. Packaged salad dressing. Sad.)

We went straight for the bulletproof dishes: sandwiches. Case ordered the Tuna Melt on sourdough with a side salad. I had the Reuben — also with a side salad. What we received instead were two of the saddest sandwiches we’ve ever tasted. The grease from both our sandwiches left blotches of visible residue on our plates. Although the bread was fried, the Tuna Melt was utterly soggy and runny. The Reuben was incredibly anemic with the sauerkraut easily doubling the mass of the barely existent corned beef. As with the Tuna Melt, the bread, although grilled, was soggy and dripping with grease.

What put the nail on the coffin that was our meal was when the dressing for our salad arrived in a packet of Kraft Signature. Our entire meal including two coffees came to just over $20 including tax and tip. Woefully overpriced.

Perfect for:

If the lineup at Denny’s is too long.

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2061 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver

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