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Chinatown has long been the bastion of Chinese style barbeque meats. But that crown has been challenged over the years by the city of Richmond’s growing community of restaurants and butcheries. HK BBQ Master — an unsuspecting shop tucked underneath the Superstore of all places — is a pretty serious contender for top BBQ shop.

(Above: Don’t mess with the butcher at HK BBQ Master. He wields a big knife.)

Case and I arrived around the 2:00pm mark to get an early jump on the crowd. What we found was a cramped shop furnished with half a dozen tables for a few souls to dine in. The rest of the operation is set up to quickly and methodically take your order, cut the meat and package the goods for take out.

A full brigade of kitchen and wait staff scramble to fill orders while a lone, stone-faced butcher takes apart your BBQ meat of choice in mere seconds with lightening speed and precision.

(Above: What’s more heavenly than piles of BBQ meat?)

Case and I made our way home with half a BBQ duck: crispy skin, juicy and well portioned. At $11 for half a duck, it’s a bit on the pricier side, but it’s certainly one of the better BBQs in town. As we left, we had to use the door opposite from where we came. The lineup had already spilled out onto the sidewalk and was blocking the entrance.

Perfect for : post-Superstore shopping BBQ Takeout.

The Details

4651 No. 3 Road, Richmond

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