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Gourmet Warehouse on East Hastings has become a regular stop and shop for those that enjoy food and cooking. Whether you need some cookware, spices, or high quality chocolates, they seem to have just about everything you need for a kitchen or pantry.

Gourmet Warehouse is a higher quality foods and supplies store. They carry a number of brands like Le Creuset, Global Knives and All Clad. But Tre and I don’t come for the cookware. We like to wander the aisles of shelves browsing the various sauces, spices and pastas. They also carry a certain BPA free, lead free, virgin materials plastic containers from New Zealand which I can’t seem to stop collecting.

For the baker, Gourmet Warehouse is a bit of a dream. They carry various Callebaut Chocolates and all kinds of neat baking supplies. Plus, if you’re ever in a rut and need decent serving plates and cutlery in a jiffy without having to pay a fortune, Gourmet Warehouse is a life saver.

Gourmet Warehouse is no discount store, but the prices are reasonable for the most part — depending on what you buy. The cookware and some supplies can be a bit pricey compare to other store, so it’s best to shop around first before committing to a big purchase. Otherwise, Gourmet Warehouse is a nice place to wander and get lost among the aisles of food, spices and kitchenware.

Perfect for: One stop shop for those that love to cook and entertain.

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1340 East Hastings

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