SnacksWheat Grass


Tre and I occassionally dare each other to do things. I don’t know why we do but we like being silly. Today we happen to be shopping at Pacific Centre. Right next to Holt Renfrew, is a juice kiosk. Some of these juice kiosks have grass like plants sitting on the counter and I’ve always wondered if they were some sort of decoration. Can I buy them and put them in a vase for show? I like the way they look.

We were actually at the kiosk for a power smoothie. As we were ordering, one of the juice ladies cut up some of the grass and pureed it into a shot and handed it over to a customer who then sucked it down like a shooter. Curious, we asked what it was she had just downed and she replied that it was wheat grass — which tasted like fresh peas. Hey, we like peas, we thought to ourselves. And it’s supposedly loaded with something like thirty antioxidants. I was immediately curious but still a bit hesitant. Do I really want to drink something I could just go out to our yard and cut?

Neither of us was feeling like going out on a limb by ourselves, so Tre and I instead dared each other to do a shot. When we got the shots, it seriously smelled like… grass. I was completely turned me off, but I wasn’t about to back down from the dare. We both downed the shots, and when the wheat grass hit the back of my throat, I thought I was going to throw up. Thankfully we still had the power smoothie on hand to wash down the nasty taste. Tre didn’t react as violently to the taste, but he probably kept a straight face to make my experience worse. Bottom line, it was disgusting. But it’s good for you — anything that tastes this bad has to be.

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