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There aren’t many great eats in Burnaby. Actually, there aren’t many great eats in the ‘burbs period. New Lakeview Seafood and Wunton, however, is an exception. It’s located in a small plaza near an abandoned pool hall where the parking lot looks more like some one’s dumping ground. The outside store front looks dirty and a little shady. Plus, it doesn’t help there’s a gang of crows that look like they want to eat you as soon as you step out of your car. Quite frankly, we’ve passed by this place a number of times, completely ignoring it.

We first came to this place with Tre’s Grandpa during lunch time. I was hesitant to eat here but he insisted that the food was good and cheap. We trust Grandpa’s judgement — sometimes. He always seems to know where the deals are. But then again I think most seniors have a sixth sense about it.

We are promptly seat once we arrive. The decor is somewhat plain and barren looking. Outside you can see the fat crows eating the garbage in the parking lot. We looked over the menu and we were pleased with the prices. Grandpa pointed out the lunch specials we should order and were shocked at the low prices.

We each ordered a a bowl of soup. Hot and sour and chicken cream corn soup. At $1.25 a bowl how can you beat that? We also ordered fried beef with rice noodles and beef and tomato rice at just under 5 bucks a plate. When the soup arrives, we notice that its sizable bowl. The hot and sour soup is quite good, since it’s actually spicy and has a nice consistency. The chicken cream corn soup is good as well with actual pieces of chicken with corn. It has a nice saltiness to it with the sweetness of the corn. The texture is good as well. One bowl of soup is enough for two people. You can tell people are enjoying their meals where they make a slurping sound as they’re hungrily scarfing down the food. I find the slurping a little annoying but the food is yummy, so I let it go. When the noodles and rice arrive, we again notice the huge portions. I don’t see how people actually finish these themselves. With great food at these prices, anyone can eat like a king.

The fried beef and noodles were awesome! Cooked perfectly and not too greasy like most Chinese restaurants — and seasoned perfectly with just enough soy. The noodles were nicely cooked with crunchy bean sprouts which gives this dish a nice texture. The beef and tomato rice was delicious as well. This dish is one of my all time favorites and there aren’t many places that cook it well. The beef has to be really tender with the sweetness of tomatoes. Some places throw a can tomato soup over the rice and call it a dish. I assure you, that it’s not — that’s just disgusting. The three of us finished all of our food and grandpa was pleased to see we approved of his recommendation.

We’ve become regulars at Lakeview. Its usually too busy as a sit down — so we often get take away. With very few good Chinese restaurants in Burnaby, people know this place is the place to go. There are regular line ups out the door and take out orders can take up to 45 minutes. Patience is needed, but it’s well worth the wait. One dish we highly recommend is the spicy crab, it’s one of the best crab we’ve tasted — and has become a regular take out dish.

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7765 6th St. Burnaby

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