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This is probably one of the strangest places to grab a bubble tea in Vancouver, but I’m glad we found this spot which is located on Pender St. in Vancouver’s historic Chinatown. It used to be a part of a Asian bookstore, but has since been converted to a Chinese dress shop. It’s a weird combination, but I like the uniqueness. I’m not sure how Tre and I found this place. Probably wandering around aimlessly looking for interesting finds like we usually do.

Upon entering the front door, you’ll be greeted by an annoying automated voice that welcomes you as you enter and thanks you on the way back out. It’s quite funny, in a creepy and annoying way. The front of the house is a bubble tea counter that makes a large selection of bubble teas. We usually get an iced milk green tea with coconut jelly or pearls. The bubble tea is very good. Probably one of the better ones we’ve had: a nice cold smooth drink with yummy coconut jelly or pearls. I’m not sure why they call it coconut jelly, since it doesn’t really taste like coconut. It tastes more like candied jellies, which is why I like it.

Another drink we like is the passion fruit slush. It’s made with real passion fruit, none of that terrible powdery stuff that some try to pass off as. Real fruit is blended with ice made into a slush. Oh so refreshing! Their coffee isn’t bad as well. A good pick me upper. So if you’re ever in the area and want some good bubble tea — or to try on a Cheongsam (tradional Chinese dress), Ochi’s the place for you.

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121 East Pender Street, Vancouver

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