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There’s nothing like a good, ice-cold bubble tea to help quench that summer thirst. So, Tre and I headed on to Dragon Ball Tea House in South Vancouver.

Dragon Ball Tea House is an extremely popular, tiny hole in a wall that attracts both young folks and families. The tables are cramped and occupied by people waiting for their bubble tea. You line up, give your order, get a number and wait to be summoned.

Tre and I ordered one of my favourites: a cold milk green tea with coconut jelly. What we weren’t prepared for is the agonizing wait of 40 minutes. Who figured one bubble tea would take so long to make? During our 40 minute wait, we watched the lineup grew into a small crowd as the orders began to back up. The phone was constantly ringing off the hook. The cashier looked frantic while the bubble tea barristas in the back scrambled to fill the orders. Our number was finally called.

The milk green tea is good. It’s nice to be able to taste the tea and not just the milk. The bubble tea was not powdery and had just enough ice with generous chunks of coconut jelly, which we enjoyed.

Despite the long wait, we’re pretty happy with the bubble tea. But even though Dragon Ball Tea House does make really good bubble tea, I wouldn’t want to wait that long again. So if we are ever in the area and have a hankering for some bubble tea, I think we’ll call ahead next time.

Perfect for: A refreshing drink for when the heat wave smacks you in the face.

The Details

1007 West King Edward Avenue, Vancouver

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