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Takarabune Japanese Restaurant

When the summer heat kicks in, we attempt to seek out the most refreshing meal possible. Often, that summer heat brings us back to Takarabune — a Japanese restaurant located in a Victoria Drive strip mall, sandwiched between a Church’s Chicken and a Value Village. I’m on the hunt for the seasonal and rather difficult to find dish: Hiyashi Ramen (cold Ramen noodles). Takarabune is one of the few restaurants that serves it.

Takarabune Japanese Restaurant
(Clockwise: 1. Arnold & Gordo: The California & BC Roll. 2. Dipping the Soba noodles. 3. Soy, the essential condiment.)

We used to frequent Takarabune years ago whenever we found ourselves in South Vancouver. The setup is simple, no frills; but the service can be a bit dodgy. Not much has changed, including the same friendly chef behind the sushi bar for the past few years.

Case ordered California Rolls and BC Rolls (grilled salmon skin with Teriyaki sauce). Disappointed they no longer had Hiyashi Ramen on the menu, I ordered the next best thing: Ten Zaru Soba — cold Soba (buckwheat) noodles with a side of Tempura. Case’s California Rolls and BC rolls were tasty; the ingredients were fresh and the portions were substantial. The only complaint was the sushi wasn’t tightly rolled which resulted in the rolls falling apart whenever we took a bite.

The Soba noodles were extremely refreshing. It was perfectly cooked and chilled and the dipping sauce provided just the right amount of flavour. The tempura batter was restrained and crispy with minimal grease. It was a good, solid lunch in an unpretentious atmosphere. Our bill came in under $20 including tax and tip.

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The best Japanese cuisine a strip mall has to offer.

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6459 Victoria Drive, Vancouver

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