SnacksBoulder Canyon Rice & Adzuki Bean Chips


The gluten free crispy rice & adzuki bean snack chips from Boulder Canyon are seriously good — crispy, light, spicy and sweet with hints of adzuki beans. It’s a nice change from the usual potato chips.

Although adzuki beans are good in terms of fibre and nutrients, there isn’t enough adzuki beans in the chips to make this a healthy snack. Clearly, they are trying to market this snack with all the feel-good catch phrases possible: 0 Trans Fats, Green Energy, Made with Natural Ingredients, Artisan, and Gluten Free. Bottom line though, the chips are high in sodium with added powder spices — that, and the fact they’re deep fried (not baked) — makes them really tasty, but probably not all that healthy.

The Adzuki Bean Chips are just under $4 a bag, which is about the standard price for a bag of snack chips. Even though the rice chips aren’t guilt free, they are definitely tasty and probably won’t last long in your cupboard.

Perfect for: Snack alternatives that’s marginally healthier than chips.

The Details:

Available at various Choices and Donald Market Locations.

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