LunchSal Y Limon


Sal Y Limon introduces some Mexican flavour to East Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, offering an assortment of familiar stand-bys like tacos, burritos, sopes, quesadillas and tortas. They take over the space once occupied by the Gold Mills Filipino restaurant, nestled snuggly within Kingsway’s awkwardly positioned strip mall.


№ 8572


3 star

99 BottlesDriftwood Gose-uh


Victoria’s Driftwood releases their Gose-uh, a resuscitated Leipzig German brew: light, golden blonde hue with a distinct tartness and briny, coriander aftertaste. A perfectly flavourful summer brew.

№ 8553

Out of TownNong’s Khao Man Gai


Nong’s Khao Man Gai started as a food cart in Portland’s Southwest 10th and Alder Street pod, then graduated to two bricks and mortar restaurants, and now a bottled sauce available at select Portland retailers. This unique miniature empire revolves around one dish: Thai Chicken and Rice, a simple street food from Thailand. At the food cart, this is all you can order. There are no other items on the menu.


№ 8539


5 star

99 BottlesPhillips Bottle Rocket ISA


Victoria’s Phillips Brewing Company lets off some fireworks this summer with their Bottle Rocket India Session Ale (ISA): an easy drinking, lightly golden brew that finishes with a bitter hoppiness without packing the familiar punch of regular IPAs. Extra bonus points awarded for draping the can with highly appropriate 80s pop art visuals.

№ 8534

BreakfastYolk’s Breakfast Restaurant and Commissary


Yolk’s has already taken breakfast up a notch with their mobile food cart. But they soon made some noise early this year by taking over the retiring Brave Bull location to set up a bricks and mortar breakfast restaurant and commissary.


№ 8516


3 star