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The Dump Truck in Portland is a food cart specializing in dumplings — taking them to a whole new level, or at least a different place. The brightly yellow coloured food cart is located on the Alder Street “Pod” of carts. It’s hard to miss.

The Dump Truck is owned by three partners — one having lived in Beijing for a period, and a love for dumplings ensued. But unlike the traditional Mandarin style dumplings one would get in a Chinese restaurant, the Dump Truck concocts up a few strange but very tasty fillings.

We ordered bacon cheeseburger (you read that right) dumplings served on a bed of  julienned vegetables: a simple filling of cheese, beef and bacon all minced together, which kept the texture closer to a dumpling filling than hamburger. The outer wrapping was thin, nice and firm with a bit of chewiness. The bacon cheese burger tasted very much like a cheeseburger  — which was frightening. But some how it works very well.

We tried some of the more down to earth dumplings, like the portabello, which consisted of julienned portabello mushroom, rice noodles and ginger with a side of soy vinegar for dipping. The dumplings were delicious and highly addictive.

Our bill including tips came to $15 for two orders of 8 pieces of dumplings, which was a great deal.

Perfect for: a walk on the wild side of dumplings.

The Details:

Southwest 10th and Alder, Portland

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