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Stinger Ray’s Bar & Grill restaurant is your last chance stop in Kahului Airport before you board the plane and are subjected to airplane food. Not surprisingly, it’s a restaurant that serves mediocre food at ridiculous prices.

Tre and I avoid restaurants at the airport and we never order food on the plane. But when your plane is delayed and you haven’t eaten — you give in. Stinger Ray’s was a toss up between a bunch of uninteresting restaurants and tourist traps.

We stood at the front for what felt like forever before we were finally seated. Loud reggae beats was playing which seemed to draw in unsuspecting crowds.

(Above: Deep fried and heavily battered onion rings )

We chose to share a burger and upgrade our fries to onion rings. Tre also ordered a beer. The burger was okay: the beef patty appeared fresh and sort of reminded me of the burgers at Bon’s off Broadway — except Stinger Ray’s was triple the price and wasn’t quite as tasty. The bun was kind of limp, and the fixings dry. The onion rings were decently battered and seasoned, but it was definitely more batter then onions.

Our bill including taxes and tips came to just under $36 bucks, which is exceedingly expensive for what you get. Even though I wasn’t expecting much from airport restaurants, the service really blew, which helped us waste away an hour and a half — good for a plane delay, but would suck if you were in a hurry. Next time, we’ll just pay $5 for a tiny bag of almonds and munch on those to help get us through the flight.

Perfect for: When you’re desperate.

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