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Wonton King

Wonton King Chinese Restaurant claim to be the King of Wontons, it says so in their name. Located on South East Marine Drive in Vancouver, this restaurant has been hyped to have the best wontons. That’s a pretty big statement, so Tre and I had to come and see for ourselves whether the king deserved the crown.

We both ordered a couple of bowls of wonton noodle soups and a deep fried pumpkin pancake. I was especially excited about the pumpkin pancake. It’s not often we see this on the menus in Chinese restaurants. After ordering and waiting patiently for what seems like forever, our server comes back and says they’ve sold out of pumpkin pancake, and asks if we’d like to order something else. Fine — but I don’t think it takes more than 10 minutes to discover that you’re out of pumpkin pancakes — especially since we’re only the second table seated in the restaurant. After looking over the menu a second time, we decided on the red bean pancake. We waited another 10 minutes. Tre finally flags down the guy, who looks annoyed that we actually wanted to replace our order. Oh, poor thing, too much work for you?

Our dishes finally arrive and we dig in. The broth is good but not hot enough. Soup always tastes better piping hot — this one was verging on lukewarm. The wontons are okay, but we’ve definitely had better. And the noodles are decent but nothing special. The red bean cake was the surprise best part of the meal: deep fried pancake filled with sweet red bean. It was delicious. Not greasy, and sweetened just right.

For the value, you can probably find better wontons elsewhere. For now, we’ll stick to Wah Yuen Noodle in Richmond. However, the rest of the menu at Wonton King looked interesting, so we wouldn’t mind coming back to try the other dishes. I just hope the service will be better next time, or the King might just have to give up that crown.

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620 South East Marine Dr. Vancouver

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