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Peaceful Restaurant

It’s great to see that new restaurants can still open up along West Broadway and I’m glad Peaceful Restaurant is one of them. This space was previously occupied by various Chinese fast food joints. Whenever I pass by, the name of the restaurant is always something different with new opening signs offering 10% discount. I love discounts, but not necessarily for food.

My friend’s dad recommended Peaceful Restaurant. He raved about how good the noodles were and that they were handmade. I’ve never been into Chinese hand made noodles. I don’t like the texture and taste. It’s doughy, squishy and taste like flour, bleh! That is, until we tried the noodles at Peaceful Restaurant. I realized I do like handmade noodles but it really depends on who makes it and how.

Peaceful Restaurant
(Top to bottom: 1. Shang-Xi Tangy Noodles. 2. Peaceful Beef Rolls.)

The dining room is long and narrow with one continuous booth opposite a number of scattered tables. There is an open space area where you can watch the chef/noodle guy in action. After looking through the menu and wrinkling my nose at the prospect of doughy noodles, Tre and I thought it was best we share a bowl of noodles to test it out.

Tre orders the Shang-Xi tangy noodles: served in a tangy sauce with diced pork, carrots, potatoes and chives. To accompany our noodles I ordered the Peaceful Beef Rolls: five spiced beef rolled in a cripsy green onion flat bread and sweet hoison sauce. The dishes arrived quickly, and I took the first bite of noodles. They were delicious! It was not floury or doughy like others I have tried. The noodles were firm in texture and saucy from the broth. The Peaceful Beef Rolls were great. The rolls had generous amounts of thinly sliced, well seasoned beef and the crispy onion flat bread was thin and flaky.

Our meal was tasty and satisfying. For just under $18 bucks including tax and tips, I’d consider this meal a bargain. I like the handmade noodles at Peaceful Restaurant and look forward to coming back for more. And like the name of their restaurant suggests, I do find peace from their noodles.

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532 West Broadway, Vancouver

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