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Okay, hot shot. Pop quiz. You’re in the suburbs on an early summer evening — trapped somewhere between Burnaby and Coquitlam — and your sweet tooth begins to ache. What do you do? What do you do? Well, you could get onto North Road and head towards Cumpari’s, the local Gelato and Coffee shop.

Cumpari’s is kind of like an upscale version of Baskin Robins and Tim Horton’s all rolled into one. It’s even got a drive-thru for the incredibly lazy gelato connoisseur. The interior is fancy for an ice cream joint — the glass table-tops, well-upholstered bar-high seating grouped in tables of 3’s and 4’s remind me of a night club.

Two refrigeration units sitting to the left of the cash register house the various flavours of gelato offered by Cumpari’s. Case chose the mint chocolate chip and I had a single scoop of the Nutella.

Our $4 scoops of gelato went into this plastic muffin-like container. The gelato’s texture was a bit hard, the flavours tasted synthetic, and they aren’t shy with the sugar (might need to pay a visit to the dentist after this). Overall, we’d prefer making the trek to the other gelato place, but Cumpari’s would suffice if you were ever in sugar pinch in the middle of suburbia.

Perfect for:

A suburban gelato oaisis.

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535 North Road, Coquitlam

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