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Nat's New York Pizza

Dollar pizza slices used to be as ubiquitous in Downtown Vancouver as Starbucks coffee, or those little dogs sporting ridiculous sweaters. It’s become more of an artifact — much to the dismay of the on-the-go lunch crowd and the post-clubbing sustenance seekers. Nat’s New York Pizzeria on the West End of Vancouver may not serve pizzas for a Loonie, but they keep the same spirit alive with a nice selection of single slice goodness.

Nat's New York Pizza

A surefire way for a pizza joint to boost its authenticity, is to claim a New York lineage, which Nat’s reps pretty hard. They also have a string of awards to back that claim up. Case ordered a slice of the Margarita (cheese) pizza and I had a slice of of the Mushroom. We washed it down with the only beverage that can appropriately accompany a slice of pizza — a can of icey, cold Coke.

Case and I definitely dig the thin crust version of pizza — nothing’s more annoying than biting into a mouthful of molar-wrenching dough. Nat’s pizza was good: evenly distributed toppings with just the right amount of cheese and sauce. Award winning? I don’t know about that. It satisfies the afternoon munchies — and I imagine would be a much welcomed friend for any of the post-clubbing or nocturnal denizens, but we’re still going to keep our eyes peeled for the next slice pizza joint.

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1080 Denman Street, Vancouver

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