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The shortlist for a really nice bowl of Wonton Noodles in Vancouver usually includes Mak’s, which unfortunately closed down during the Cambie/Broadway redevelopment. We heard rumours that the old Mak’s Noodle House had since relocated to one of the plaza complexes in Richmond just off Alexandra Road. What we found was McNoodle House. Close enough.

(Top to bottom: 1. Classic Noodles in Soup with Beef Brisket and Tendon. 2. Iced Lemon Coke.)

Everything about McNoodle House says Mak’s, from the the distinctive wood on wood decor, to the small portions and pricier than your run of the mill Wonton house menu. We figured some sign maker probably messed up and misheard Mak’s Noodle House and instead printed McNoodle House — and the owners likely just ran with it.

Besides the stingy portions, Mak’s was known for making a mean bowl of Wonton noodle soup, and all the accompanying variations you’d be accustomed to find at a classic Wonton noodle house.

(Top to bottom: 1. Spicy Pork Sauce Lo Mein. 2. MSG Soup on the side.)

I had the beef brisket and tendon noodle soup. The briskets and tendon were tender, well seasoned and the noodles perfectly cooked. Case ordered the Spicy Pork sauce Lo Mein: the pork juliennes were smothered in a sweet and supposedly spicy sauce. It came with a side of soup that tasted laden with MSG goodness. An iced lemon coke accompanied our meal to cut through the salt and grease. Mak’s, er McNoodle’s certainly haven’t lost their touch. The classic Chinese greasy spoon dishes remain solid as always.

Our meal came to under $18 with taxes and tips which doesn’t sound too bad, except the portions are half the size of regular wonton houses. Don’t expect much in ways of service, but McNoodle’s hits the spot for a later afternoon snack.

Perfect for: maintaining portion control while enjoying top notch wonton noodle soup.

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8291 Alexandra Road, Richmond

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