Billed as the last great hamburger stand, Fatburger nicely fills the hamburger void in Vancouver. This American import is likely giving local favourites like Vera’s Burger Shack and the recently re-opened Modern Burger some healthy competition.

Fatburger is a no frills, straight up hamburger stand. The decor is large splashes of yellow and red, harking back to a certain other nameless famous burger chain. The menu is brief: just burgers and fries thank you. You can get fancy with some onion rings or a homemade milkshake — but that’s as far the menu will extend. Perched precariously on the corner of Beatty and Georgia, I think this location is meant to draw the pre and post-game crowd and scoop up foot traffic from the Skytrain station across the street.

I ordered the turkey burger with cheese with all the works. Case likes the Baby Fat with cheese because it has just the right amount of burger. We typically get onion rings in lieu of fries. Once our order is taken, we get a placard with our order number on it, which we bring to our table. And then we wait; patiently in anticipation of the glorious feast we are about to enjoy.

The turkey burger is awesome; moist and well seasoned. The patty doesn’t taste like a defrosted brick of meat that’s been lying in a ice locker for the past week hoping beyond hope that some kind soul would come and defrost it. The onion rings are solid — not too greasy and not overly battered. Case’s Baby Fat is a pint-sized version of the regular Fatburger. But don’t let the size fool you. This is no lesser burger — the fixings, the cheese and the patty are all top notch.

Fatburger’s price point puts it out of the running for your run of the mill fast food craving, but you can definitely taste the difference in freshness and quality.

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105-111 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver


1101 Denman Street, Vancouver

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