There are a couple of things Vancouver doesn’t have a shortage of — rain is one of then, the other is sushi restaurants. It seems like everyday a new little sushi place pops up. But not all sushi shops are created equal. If the place isn’t clean, or it smells like your local fish monger, our ass is heading straight out the door. Which brings us to this little joint on East Broadway, Sushiyama, a cramped little hole-in-the-wall of the non-fishy variety. As you walk in, the first thing you’ll notice is that the decor is pretty plain. The right side of the restaurant is carpeted with a few tables and the left side recently expanded with more seating — and finally has a real cashier. The ambience isn’t anything great or bad, pretty standard stuff really.


But when it comes to sushi, these guys rock. Fresh fish and great rolls. For those of you who aren’t adventurous and don’t eat raw fish, this place could change your mind. It changed mine. After many times watching Tre enjoying his sushi and saying how fresh the fish is, I thought it was about time I try some. I can happily say I now eat raw tuna. The texture wasn’t slimy and it wasn’t fishy; a little buttery in flavour actually. One of our favourites are the sushi boxes. These sushi boxes are only available from 5pm to 8pm. You have a choice of sushi, Teriyaki Salmon rolls, salad and gyozas. Tre has been trying to figure out how to dupe the salad dressing since he likes it so much. It’s the first thing he finishes before he touches anything else.


As a California Roll lover I am pretty picky on how they’re made. I think these guys make the best California rolls so far. They have a slight sweetness to them, the rice isn’t soggy and the seaweed isn’t so tough that you have to gnaw it off. I don’t really care for the sesame seeds that normally comes wrapped around the rolls so I pay the extra 75 cents to get Masago (fish roe). The gyoza’s are also great — not your typical soggy gyoza — they’re deep fried with a slight crunch on the outside with minced meat and vegetable on the inside. They used to be spicy but have now since changed. Too bad though, I prefer the spicy version.

As I mentioned before, the place has recently expanded, but the line ups persist in addition to the massive take out orders they fill. Despite the expansion, the waitresses are still just as confused as ever. If you are going to do take out or are waiting to be seated, make sure you give them your name. We’ve seen some poor folks who have been waiting patiently but don’t get seated or even know that their orders are ready while others try to hop the line. Despite the so-so service, the excellent sushi is what keep people coming back.

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371 East Broadway, Vancouver

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