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Broadway Chinese is a hole in wall located in a plaza sandwiched between an adult video store and a Bella Pizza. Tre and I used to come here when it was a Taiwanese restaurant, serving the best noodle and fried chicken, before it closed down suddenly. We noticed the restaurant re-opened, but with a name like Broadway Chinese we knew mostly likely it was under new management. We figured we’d try anyway.

The restaurant looks oddly unchanged — sparse. We sat near the window to absorb some sunshine and people watch. There wasn’t much going on, although the adult video store seemed quite busy next door. We looked at the (somewhat random) menu and selected fried rice noodles with beef and steamed Shanghai buns. Somehow, I knew this wasn’t the place to try the Shanghai buns, but I like to do things out of the ordinary from time to time.

(Top to bottom: 1. Pan fried rice noodles with sliced beef. 2. Something masquerading as Shanghai dumplings.)

When our dishes arrived, they looked sad. The plate of fried rice noodles with beef was small and looked pale. The dish was very lightly seasoned with soy sauce, had barely any bean sprouts and was missing green onions. But the noodles were fried well and the odd piece of beef was okay. The steamed Shanghai buns tasted just like how it looked — blah. The wrapping was thick, shriveled, and tasted stale (freezer burn?). The minced meat was dry and didn’t have any of the signature soup inside.

Our bill including taxes and tips came to just under $20, which is overly priced for what we got. We can see why the restaurant was empty when we walked in, and why it was still empty when we walked out.

Perfect for: absolutely nothing.

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1410 West Broadway, Vancouver

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