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Varinicey Pakoras is one of many street vendors hitting the city and parking themselves at various locations around town. We found Varinicey near Donald’s Market. It was a mysterious, giant cart with green signage situated on the corner of East 6th.

We ordered a small pakora platter consisting of a medley of deep fried vegetables. It was accompanied by a side of spicy curry dip and a large romaine leaf. The leaf idea was brilliant as it held a side of chilled cucumber yogurt and pineapple chutney dressing. I thought it would be messy to eat but the leaf was crisp and easily bitable without leaving any drippings. The dressing was refreshing and had a nice cooling effect which counteracted nicely against the pungent curry. I would recommend a piece of chewing gum afterwards to refresh your breathe.

The pakoras tasted lighter then they looked, lightly battered in gluten free channa flour. We tasted yams, onions and sweet potatoes. A generous, but not overwhelming, amount of salt was sprinkled on top to heighten the taste.

(Above: Vegetable pakoras with chilled cucumber yogurt and pineapple chutney.)

Our small platter came to $5 — a nice way to enjoy a mid afternoon snack on the run. The vendors were upbeat and apologized for the flimsy pizza plates that were being used that day. Varinicey normally uses biodegradeable and compostable paper plates that are more sturdy, they just happen to run out that day. If you see these guys around, give them a try.

Perfect for: Crunchy, deep fried pakoras on the street.

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East 6th Avenue & Commercial Drive

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