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Roaming Dragon was one of the first to hit the scene when rumours started floating around the City of Vancouver was going to start sanctioning a more diverse range of food carts. Their nomadic nature necessitates the periodic tweeting out of their ever changing locations.

We’re not fans of fusion cuisine, as they are so often ill conceived — but the menu at Roaming Dragon intrigued us, so we were curious to see how it would pan out.

(Above: Deep Fried Dragon Rice Balls with Curry and Teriyaki Aioli.)

We started with the Chinese Pork Belly Sliders: fall-apart braised pork belly topped with pickled cucumbers, hoisin sauce, scallions sandwiched on mantou (steamed buns). The mantou was smartly softer than the more chewy traditional bun, so all the filling actually stayed put.

Next, Korean Short Rib Tacos: slow-braised marinated short ribs, with sesame sauteed spinach, shitake mushrooms, carrots and kimchi dressing wrapped in tortillas and topped with shredded nori. The unorthodox mix works surprisingly well and was gently seasoned. A small gripe is some of the beef was a tad on the dry side, but overall, the flavours were nice.

(Above: Lychee and Basil Lemonade.)

Accompanying our snack was a basil infused lychee lemonade. The combination sounds potentially hideous, but this is one refreshing concoction. The basil accent adds an interesting twist to the light lemonade.

The folks at Roaming Dragon were also kind enough to offer us a taste of their Fried Rice Balls — with Chinese sausage, dried shrimp, chicken, bamboo shoots, mustard greens, and arborio rice — all breaded and deep fried and then drizzled with their own curry and teriyaki aiolis. The arborio rice, although an unusual choice, provided a creamy texture contrasting the crunchy crust.

(Above: Korean Short-Rib Beef Tacos.)

The menu and pricing is simple: $6 a dish, two for $10, or three for $15. One thing is for certain. This isn’t Asian cuisine — those expecting it will likely be disappointed. Bottom line, though, the food is tasty and the staff infectiously upbeat and friendly. Roaming Dragon is an excellent alternative to Vancouver’s standard street meat fare, and we’d certainly return to see what else they come up with.

Perfect for: Food on the Run.

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