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Wang's Shanghai Cuisine

Wang’s Shanghai Cuisine is located in the food court of Crystal Mall. Our friend tipped us off to this place that’s known for a couple of dishes: Dan Dan noodle (which isn’t even really Shanghainese) and Xiao Long Bao (or steamer dumplings). 

Wang’s Shanghai Cuisine is always busy. A lineup of people waiting impatiently are often crammed around the little stall. Tre and I have tried coming here a couple of times, but strangely it’s been closed even while all the other stalls in the food court were still open.

Tre and I each ordered a Dan Dan noodle plus a steamer of Xiao Long Bao to share. We got our noodles first, handmade noodles soaked in peanut sauce with freshly chopped peanuts and sprinkled with white and black sesame seeds (black sesame seeds, oh how I despise you). I was excited to dig in but was quickly disappointed after the first bite. The noodles were really soft, almost mushy. The peanut sauce is more like watery soup which lacked personality compared to the Dan Dan noodle at Peaceful Restaurant.

Wang's Shanghai Cuisine
(Top to bottom: 1. Xio Long Bao being freshly made in front of your eyes. 2. Not your typical food court dish.)

Tre appeared disappointed with the noodles as well. We hoped the Xiao Long Bao would bring smiles to our faces — and they did. We were actually served this dish in a bamboo steamer. They tasted fresh, the skin firm enough to hold the soup in without falling apart until the moment you bite into it.

Our meal came to just under $15 which is pretty good considering we had two bowls of noodle and a steamer of dumplings. Despite the noodle fiasco, this place is worth a shot if you’re adventurous and not allergic to nuts. Everything is hand made which is always a plus.

Perfect For: getting Xiao Long Bao served in a bamboo steamer in a food court.

The Details:

Crystal Mall Food Court
#2110- 4500 Kingsway, Burnaby

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