Shinjuku Japanese restaurant on White Rock’s bustling Marine Drive strip is about as far away from its Japanese district namesake as it can get — seaside, by the beach and lodged amongst a string of multi ethnic, tourist trap restaurants.

(Top to bottom: 1. Grilled Salmon Belly. 2. Assortment of sushi – Toro, Saba, Salmon and Tobiko topped with a quail egg.)

The unremarkable decor at Shinjuku was only offset by its patio, occupied by a few patrons happily drinking and dining by the moonlit sky. Case and I chose a seat inside, albeit by an open window with a view of the waters.

We started our order with several pieces of Nigiri sushi. The Toro was beautiful and melted like butter, and the Salmon was fresh with a nice, dark pink hue. Tobiko topped with quail egg doesn’t get a lot of play on many menus, which is a shame because the quail egg balances perfectly with the salty roe.

(Top to bottom: 1. Bottle of Asahi Dry. 2. Grilled Mackeral.)

We noticed a decent selection of grilled appetizers, which we thought would go nicely with a tall bottle of ice cold Asahi. We selected grilled salmon belly, which arrived chargrilled with the skin on. The meat was butter soft and the skin crispy — the entire dish infused with the smoky charcoal. The salmon felt lonely, so we ordered a mackeral to accompany it — its meaty texture was still tender and flaky and carefully grilled.

Our meal, including taxes and tip came to $58, which isn’t too bad given Shinjuku’s enviable location and quality of simple, yet lovingly prepared dishes.

Perfect for: fresh, Japanese cuisine with a waterfront view.

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15019 Marine Drive, White Rock

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