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Moby Dick is a restaurant on Marine Drive on the beachside strip in White Rock. No, not The Whale, but this family operation is known for their fish and chips. Inside is a kitschy collection of sailing equipment and decor consisting of happy sea creatures painted on the walls. The strong scent of malt vinegar and deep fried grease wafts throughout the air.

(Above: a plate of Alaskan Cod and chips.)

We ordered a three piece fish and chips combo, plus a small side of coleslaw. Instead of the usual mayonnaise mix that most slaws arrive soaking in, Moby’s version is made with a vinaigrette. It was a nice change and felt healthier. The slaw was tangy (like a sauerkraut), slightly sweet and strangely addicting.

The fish were three oversized pieces of deep fried Alaskan Cod dipped in a light batter. The meat was moist and tender, and the batter was tastefully seasoned — slightly crunchy — not the least bit heavy. The hand cut fries weren’t the most spectacular, but was lightly seasoned and tasted just right with a few dashes of malt vinegar.

(Top to bottom: 1. Moby’s own sweet and tangy spin on the classic slaw. 2. Standard chip shop condiments including sea salt and malt vinegar.)

Our bill including taxes and tips came to just under $26, which we think is reasonable. We’ve been to Moby Dick’s years ago, and not much seems to have changed. They have a take out service if you want to take your fish and chips to the beach, which many people do. I would suggest arriving early. The line ups can be crazy, but worth the wait if you’re patient.

Perfect for: moonlit walks by the beach with a side of tartare.

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15479 Marine Drive, White Rock

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