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Kintaro Ramen

We think one of Vancouver’s best source of noodle soup is the invariable Kintaro on Denman just North of Robson. I’m sure there are detractors, claiming Kintaro to be over rated and citing other noodle houses as more authentic. Regardless, we think Kintaro has yet to meet its match — and judging by the frustratingly endless lineups on any given day or evening, we think other noodle afficianados from across the city agree.

Kintaro Ramen

What’s the secret to Kintaro? They keep it simple: handmade Japanese Ramen noodles prepared fresh daily, soaking in a piping hot pork broth that has been simmering in a gigantic vat all day. Garnish it with fresh bean sprouts, slices of bamboo, hard boiled eggs, a generous sprinkling of fresh scallions and a wicked slice of roast pork — and you have yourself the near perfect meal.

You can order their soup in light, medium and full body (read: fatty) broth. Soup made from pork fat? Yes please. Slices of fatty roast pork? Oh, most definitely. Case and I both order the Shio Ramen, which is seasoned with natural sea salt. We’ve also tried their gyozas — which, upon arrival we nearly regretted the order. But despite the gnarly look, the gyozas are surprisingly tasty. They also serve Pepsi. Okay, so nobody’s perfect.

Kintaro Ramen

Kintaro is a bit of a dive. Cracked tiles, peeling paint, cramped space and ridiculously long line ups wouldn’t exactly make this first date material. It wouldn’t even make it good second date material — but for the city’s best ramen noodles, we recommend popping by during the late evening (say after 9:00pm) to indulge.

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788 Denman St, Vancouver

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