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The Long Table Series at the Irish Heather is a simple yet brilliant concept: take 1 really long table, throw in 30 some odd friends and strangers, and mix with food and beer. What you get is an impromptu dinner party at one of Gastown’s more well-known gastropubs.

Our friends Mike and Virg invited us to the Long Table series along with some friends and family from out of town. We arrived early to avoid traffic and were promptly escorted to the back at Shebeen, Irish Heather’s own whiskey house, to await the arrival of the rest of the LTS party.

We passed the minutes with a drink, Case with a Smithwick’s Ale, and I with a pint of Guinness. When the LTS was finally ready for its guests, our server announced it was the ringing of a cowbell, shuffling each person through the doors and settling them along a really, really long picnic table.

(Top to bottom: 1. Side Green Salad. 2. Shepherd’s Pie with a Lamb shoved inside.)

The Long Table Series is pretty simple: serve one meal paired with one beer. Repeat 34 times. On the menu tonight was a Braised Lamb Shoulder Shepherd’s Pie topped with Parsnip Truffle Scented Mashed Potatoes. It was served with a fresh, leafy green side salad tossed in a light vinaigrette.

The shepherd’s pie was quite a nice portion (almost the size of my head) and was stuffed with extremely tender lamb shoulder marinating in its own stew. I’m not too sure I could taste the parsnip truffle, but the mashed potatoes were a pillow of buttery goodness. Case did quite well finishing the majority of her meal. I had the arduous task of finishing off the rest.

(Top to bottom: 1. Rep from Smithwick’s. 2. Smithwick’s Ale, pronounced Smiddicks.)

Before the meal began, our Chef greeted us and introduced the meal as well as the representative from Smithwick’s ale (part of the Guinness family) — who was also present at the table — which added a nice personal touch to the session.

The service was prompt, friendly and like clockwork. Our meal including two 20 oz. pints of beer, taxes and tips came to just under $37. So um, what are you waiting for? Go book. Now.

The Irish Heather is part of the unofficial Gastown House, a group of restaurants and bars that haven’t quite been feeling the love of the Olympic crowd. Our suggestion, leave Yaletown, Robson, and the Pavilions to the tourists, and go support the rest of our local eateries.

Perfect for: Drinking, eating and all around carousing with friends and strangers.

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