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We’ve driven by Thomas Haas Fine Chocolates & Patisserie a number of times on West Broadway. I felt it was finally time we paid him a visit. I love enjoying a piece of fine chocolate now and then, and Mr. Haas has gone above and beyond to craft freshly made chocolates that are not only pretty to look at, but tasty too.

The Patisserie is nice and spacious — a few tables scattered throughout the room leaving room for customers like me who like to run around and peek at everything. My heart fluttered when I saw all the beautiful chocolates lined neatly in rows at the front display. Tre noticed my excitement and reminded me to stay focused on the chocolates we were actually going to buy.

We selected an assortment of chocolate truffles: Cognac Truffle, Marc de Champagne Truffle, Jamican Rum Truffle, Passion Fruit Tahitian Vanilla, Green Cardomom with Whiskey and Almonds. But we couldn’t stop there, we also ordered macaroons, a couple of Thomas Haas’ famous croissants and a cup of Americano to go.

(Clockwise: 1. Parade of decadence. 2. Flaky, buttery croissants. 3. Americano)

All the truffles were pure awesomeness! Delicate truffles filled with ganache, rolled in dark cocoa powder and perfumed with a shot of booze. The only truffle we weren’t too fond of was the Passion Fruit Tahitian Vanilla: dark chocolate ganache paired with passion fruit and tahitian vanilla, topped with hand painted chocolate plaquette. That particular mix of fruit and chocolate didn’t taste like a natural pairing — it looked much prettier than it tasted.

The Pistachio macarons were delicious — light and airy filled with cream. The croissants were perfect — flaky and buttery. Our double shot Americano hit the spot and gave us a nice buzz for the day.

(Clockwise: 1. Pistachio Macaroons 2. An assortment of chocolates, just waiting to be devoured. 3. Standardized chocolates for baking and cooking — or you could just gnaw on one for a little while, why not?)

Our bill including taxes came to just under $23. The chocolates are more on the pricier side at $1.10 a piece. It costs a bit more if you want it gift boxed, but as an occasional indulgence — it’s worth it.

Perfect for: Spoiling yourself silly.

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2539 West Broadway, Vancouver

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