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Huang’s Beef Noodle House on South Vancouver’s Victoria Drive is a small Taiwanese hole in wall. The dining area holds no more than twenty people at a time, but their beef noodle soup manages to keeps the restaurant bustling.

The space is tiny and awkward. It looks more like the kitchen in someone’s home, rather than a restaurant. A regular looking, old fridge sits behind the counter holding water and canned drinks, which some customers help themselves to while waiting for their order.

(Above: Pan fried pork pot stickers whose date with the pan was over stayed.)

The menu is short and simple, boasting less than a dozen items. For Tre, spicy beef noodle soup was in order: somewhat thick noodles that tasted homemade arrived bathing in a slightly spicy beef broth. Fresh, bright green vegetables added a nice pop of colour contrasting the broth’s reddish tint. The soup’s flavouring was decent, but odd pieces of beef brisket were tender while others dry.

(Above: Shredded pork and salted cabbage with bean thread noodle soup and a generous amount of sesame oil.)

I had the shredded pork with salted cabbage and bean thread noodle soup. The clear noodles were cooked perfectly and complimented the generous helping of salted cabbage, shredded pork and green onions. The overwhelming aroma of sesame oil was initially too much, but the flavour had me finishing off my soup.

As a side dish we had the pan fried pork dumplings which were disappointingly nothing special — dried and overcooked and lacking the pungent garlic aroma we’ve grown accustomed to expect.

(Above: Apple Sidra, Taiwan’s own curiously sparkling apple soda — a beef noodle meal wouldn’t be complete without it.)

Our bill including a can of Apple Sidra, taxes and tips came to just under $20 — a nice comforting meal that’s easy on the coin. Huang’s wouldn’t be our first choice for beef noodle soup, but if we happen to be in the area, we might make a pit stop.

Perfect For: homemade beef noodle soup that feels like you’re eating in someone’s home.

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6940 Victoria Drive, Vancouver

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