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Campagnola Roma is the relatively new kid on the block in the Hastings and Sunrise neighbourhood. It’s part of a cluster of restaurants, both older (Le Do and Seri Malaysia) and newer (Red Wagon Cafe, Bo Laksa) providing the East Hastings corridor with a diverse range of restaurants. While the original Campagnolo’s dishes hail from the Northern parts of Italy, Campagnola Roma travels a little further South to Rome.

(Above: Tagliatelle topped with artichoke,  Calabrain chili and lemon.)

The space in Campagnolo Roma seems cramped at first, yet feels decently sized when you settle in. The gorgeous wood paneling add drama and are reminiscent of the decor from Campagnolo on Main. Outside, a few tables are set up for those that wish to dine under the stars, with blankets ready waiting in case you get chilly.

(Above: Campagnolo’s one draft ale, a perfectly light, crisp accompaniment to pizza and pasta.)

The menu is simple and mouth watering. We started with a half order of tagliatelle, a handful of homemade tagliatelle noodles cooked perfectly al dente with shreds of artichokes and seasoned with Calabrian chili and lemon. Perfectly simple.

Next, Romana pizza: a light, crispy flatbread topped with olives, anchovy and tomato sauce. No cheese. The simplicity of the dish allowed our taste buds to savour all the fresh ingredients: the subtle saltiness of the anchovies, fragrant olives and wonderful tomatoes.

(Above: Romana Pizza, topped with olives, anchovy, basil and tomato. No cheese for this pizza.)

Our bill including a beer, taxes and tips came to just under $40. The service for the most part was attentive and friendly. I have to admit a slight preference for Campagnola Roma over the original — I like the casualness. You won’t find oversized portions of pasta or greasy pizza at Roma. Instead, you’ll enjoy the simple and rustic flavours of Rome made from fresh, local ingredients.

Perfect for: Rustic Italian in the city.

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2297 Hastings Street, Vancouver

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