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Bob Likes Thai Food fits very comfortably in the burgeoning Main Street neighbourhood: the whimsical yet enigmatic name; the hand crafted artwork; and the simple menu filled with all of Bob’s favourite Thai dishes. Who in blazes is this Bob guy anyway?

Unfortunately, Bob Likes Thai Food’s dark, exterior facade blends far too well into the surrounding buildings. So, unless you know to look for it, the restaurant is camouflaged under a minimalist, black awning. The only hint of its existence, a singular unbranded sandwich board stating that the restaurant is open.

(Above: Duck curry with strips of bamboo, pineapple, basil, cherry tomatoes and chunks of lychee.)

While the restaurant’s namesake is shrouded in mystique, the menu is not. The dishes are simple, yet familiar. Case and I shared a roasted duck curry. Tender, fatty chunks of boneless duck arrived swimming in a rich, coconut red curry accompanied by pineapple, bamboo shoots, basil, cherry tomatoes and lychee.

(Above: Thai iced tea.)

Next, an order of Pad Thai: perfectly cooked noodles stir fried with prawns and tofu and garnished with crushed peanuts, bean sprouts, fried shallots and a wedge of lime. Luckily for us, Bob also likes tamarind, so the Pad Thai was flavoured with that rather than ketchup. Our meal was accompanied by a refreshingly sweet, creamy Thai iced tea that had a subtle hint of spice.

(Above: Pad Thai. Perfectly fried noodles sweetened with Tamarind and served with prawns, tofu and garnishes.)

Our meal came to under $40 with taxes and tips and including a bowl of jasmine rice, which puts Bob a bit on the pricier side, but still comparable to many Thai restaurants. Some folks may balk at the portions, which is slightly smaller than some chains, but we didn’t feel it impacted our meal in the least. Bob Likes Thai Food, and you’d probably like Bob too.

Perfect for: good, simple Thai food that’s as hipster as the Main Street hood it lives in.

The Details:

3755 Main Street, Vancouver

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