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Whole Foods Market/Capers is mostly known as the place to get organic foods and specialty grocery. But they also have a wide selection of delicious desserts and thanks to the pastry chefs at Whole Foods market, has also become our favorite spot to get a sweet fix.

I will make this short and sweet — go and get the chocolate mousse. Have it with a nice hot cup of java or tea. And indulge yourself in the delicately whipped mousse crafted with Callebaut chocolate. The chocolate mousse has a semi-light, whipped texture layered on top of a thin layer of chocolate cake. It’s topped with pieces of chocolate shavings and dusted with cocoa powder. The chocolate is not as rich as I thought it would be, yet still tastes very decadent. Not only is the chocolate mousse pretty to look at, it taste pretty good too.

For just under $4 for a mini and $20 for a large, it’s a bit pricey — but definitely worth it.

Other recommended sweets: cupcakes, banana cream pie and chocolate cakes.

Perfect for: Anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

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510 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver

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