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Tre first took me here on a date years ago. I can’t say I was too crazy about it back then. I don’t know if it was because of the ghost story he was telling me on the way here, or that the place was jammed back and claustrophobic. But it kind of killed the mood. We’ve since come back, and the experience was much more enjoyable. We like this place; it attracts an unusual crowd of international students socializing and studying, and hipster westenders looking for a nightcap. We often see some couples deeply involved in their game boys, some come to socialize, other’s are just deep in their thoughts. We like to come and share conversation and enjoy something sweet.

We like to share a slice of cake. The slices are a fair size and most people get their own. We don’t want to get tubby, so we prefer to share. The Boston Cream is one of our favourites: layered vanilla sponge cake filled with vanilla custard, and topped off with chocolate. Simply yummy! Another tasty cake is the Diplomat: layers of vanilla cake, vanilla custard, puff pastry and vanilla butter cream. We’ve tried a couple of other kinds with chocolate, but surprisingly, they weren’t as good. Your mileage may vary. Tre and I like to get teas to go with our dessert. They were good, but then again — it’s hot watered poured over a bag of tea — not exactly rocket science. We’ve also tried the hot drinks with liquor, but weren’t too crazy about them. They tasted watered down and I wouldn’t order it again. Overall, we like this spot. If you don’t feel like eating in, just do take out. It’ll taste just as good.

The Details

866 Denman Street, Vancouver

#6–3701 West Broadway, Vancouver

#101–100 Park Royal, Vancouver

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