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Boulangerie La Parisienne, on Mainland Street in Yaletown, is a French bakery carrying an assortment of desserts, breads and pre-made sandwiches. It’s a nice place to go when you want to grab something on the run. Although the prepared sandwiches may be convenient, it’s the breads and desserts that are the standouts.

We’ve had our share of Boulangerie’s desserts sampling various kinds of cheesecakes, lemon tarts and chocolate cakes. The cheesecakes are generously portioned: dense, rich and very satisfying. The lemon tarts are delicious, not overly sweet or heavy. We didn’t find the chocolate cakes particularly special, but they have all sorts of sugary delights, I’m sure there’s something for everyone.

Two pieces of pastry will run you just under $14 which is pricey, but about what you’d expect to fork out in Yaletown. As an occasional indulgence, it’s forgivable. I’d pass on the pre-made sandwiches. The baguettes and multigrain breads, on the other hand, are definitely worth a try.

Perfect For: occasionally indulging your sweet tooth.

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1076 Mainland Street, Vancouver

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