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Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant

I don’t what happened to this place, but it’s gone downhill. Pink Pearl has been around forever. I use to come here with my grandparents when I was just knee high. I wouldn’t be surprised if people have fond memories of this place. The food used to be solid and the atmosphere lively. My memories will now be of the disgusting, sticky, oily chopsticks that Tre and I had to eat with. Pink Pearl states on their website that they use the freshest ingredients — I question that.

Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant

Tre and I have been here a few times before. The food was a little bit too oily for us and we didn’t think it was the best price. But, because Pink Pearl has been around for such a long time, we decided to give it another shot. We hit Pink Pearl early on a weekend and surprisingly, it wasn’t busy. I found this suspicious. When we were seated, I picked up the chopsticks and it felt saturated with grease. Tre gave me his set, but it was the same thing. I asked the waiter to exchange our chopsticks hoping there was a mistake, but it was the same. I flagged down another waiter who exchanged them again but they were still sticky. He informed us that he personally washed these in hot water twice, but admitted that all the chopsticks were similarly sticky.

Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant

Deciding to overlook the utensil malfunctions, Tre and I ordered some dishes: Spinach and prawn dumplings, prawn with green peppers, beef tripe, egg tarts, beef balls and fried battered dumplings with minced pork. All the dishes turned out alright — slightly on the greasy side but we’ve had worse. Overall, the service was okay, the food was okay, but our visit didn’t live up to past memories.

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1132 East Hasting Street, Vancouver

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