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Paul’s Place is one of our favourite spots for brunch: a selective variety of good omelettes, and the best corned beef hash we’ve ever had! Pretty yummy! It can get pretty hectic here on the weekends, so if you’re hungry, try to show up early otherwise it’ll seem like you’re waiting forever. Here’s a tip, if you get in and there isn’t a hostess around to seat you, put your name down on the piece of scrap paper that’s sitting on a little side table in the front — the one with the names of the 12 other people waiting in front of you.

One of the more popular dishes here is the corned beef hash. Real corned beef — none of that spam stuff that some restaurants try to pass off as the real thing. Tre really likes this dish. It has corned beef, poached eggs, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, onions and hash browns. I really like this dish too — and I tend to eat off his plate even though I have my own meal. Tre finds this amusing.

My personal favourite is the Egg ‘n Lite. It’s made especially for light eaters — like me. It’s basically one egg any style with your choice of bacon or turkey sausage, hash browns, a slice of toast and the best jam ever!

Paul’s is well known for their omelettes and they really do know how to make it properly. The eggs are cooked just right, not runny or dry and overcooked; kind of fluffy, like how they’re supposed to be. And they’ve got some pretty interesting fillings: wild game, fine cheese — asparagus.

One thing we miss about Paul’s Place is the hot sauce. They used to have the best hot sauce ever until the previous chef just up and skipped town one day. Apparently, he ran off with his secret recipe too. They’ve since tried to dupe another, but it’s still not quite the same. I’ve never felt such sadness over a condiment.

The service used to be great, but has since been sliding downhill. Some of the servers look a little slack — or maybe floating in outer space. One time we saw the hostess trying to balance a bunch of menus on her head while staring into space. I wasn’t sure what to make of that. I guess it’s free entertainment while you’re waiting for someone to refill your coffee. Overall the food isn’t bad and the atmosphere is okay.

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2211 Granville St., Vancouver

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