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Nice Cafe is a quaint neighborhood greasy spoon on East 8th Avenue just off Main Street. They have a reputation of being — well — nice. And we’re always looking for a nice breakfast spot. We’ve heard about the line ups and small space, so prepared ourselves by heading out early to beat the rush.

(Top to bottom: 1. Standard issue greasy spoon breakfast condiments. 2. Steak & Eggs — the breakfast of champions.)

Nice Cafe is indeed nice — the atmosphere warm, the dining room very much like walking into your aunt’s kitchen. The servers are a bit sluggish, but friendly nonetheless. We luckily got the last booth before the wave of customers began to pour in. Obviously, Nice Cafe is a local favourite — and looking at the menu prices, we could see why.

Steak and Eggs for $6.85? That’s what I’m having. Case originally wanted pancakes, but was disappointed to learn they don’t serve them on weekends. So, Belgium Waffle with Strawberry Syrup it was — and two coffees to wake us up.

(Top to bottom: 1. Belgium Waffles topped with whipped cream and strawberry syrup on the side. 2. Nice Cafe displays artwork from local artists.)

Our meal arrived nicely presented. My steak, ordered medium-rare was topped with fried onions with eggs over easy, sour dough toast and hashbrowns. Unfortunately, the steak was overcooked and the meat was simply the most difficult thing I’ve ever chewed in my life. Shoe leather. The hashbrowns were the surprise hit — extremely crispy on top, and mashed potato soft underneath.

Case’s Belgium Waffle didn’t fare too well: a single, sad hockey puck split in two with a side of defrosted frozen strawberries on the side. The waffle was dense, not the least bit light or fluffy, and really chewy (once again, shoe leather?).

Our meal came to just under $20 including two coffees. Although the atmosphere and staff are friendly, and the dining room was buzzing with energy, we were disappointed with the food. There were small glimmers of hope, but ultimately it fell flat.

Perfect for: making Denny’s chefs feel good about themselves.

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154 East 8th Avenue, Vancouver

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