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Docker’s Diner sits right at the Northern most tip of Victoria Drive on Powell Street. As the name suggests, they cater to the dock workers that staff the area. But as the neighbourhood expands, so do the clientele — including young families, hipsters and broke artist types.

(Above: Classic diner breakfast: eggs over easy, hash browns and sausage.)

Inside is an aging, but still well maintained dining room that looks like a fishing gear yard sale explosion had occurred. Some really neat, historical photos of the docks hang lovingly on the walls providing diners a glimpse back in time when there were 90% fewer buildings around.

The single sheet, two sided menu is supplemented by the daily specials scrawled on the chalkboard to one side of the room. Docker’s serves up standard greasy spoon fare: soup of the days, burgers and egg breakfasts.

I ordered eggs, nicely done over easy with sausage. The hash browns were crispy at places, but undercooked in the larger chunks, accompanied by a throwaway, crumbly brown toast.

Case’s hotcakes were nice and fluffy, but thicker than usual, and the ham steak had a nice caramelized char from the grilling.

(Above: Three hotcakes and a grilled ham.)

Our meal including taxes and tips and two cups of coffee came to just under $21. The service and meal were decent — friendlier demeanour appears to be reserved for the regulars. However, Docker’s is a decent spot for an nice, hot breakfast if you happen to be stranded by the docks one day.

Perfect for: Good, hot, breakfast for people who wear rubber boots to the office.

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1869 Powell Street, Vancouver

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