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Pretz Ma Po Tofu

This snack is just as weird as it sounds, but it kicks ass. Salty thin pretzel sticks that taste exactly like the popular Chinese dish–spicy Ma Po Tofu. Pretz is an Asian version of a pretzel stick that comes in many flavors, sweet or salty. A friend of ours had brought these from Shanghai for us to try. They are so good, I am devouring these like crazy. I’m not sure if it’s the MSG or the salty, spicy, garlic and onion mixed goodness that are in these, but whatever it is — it rocks! Even though we were told this particular flavor is sold only in Asia, we haven’t given up our search in the local Asian Markets. The Pretz makers of Ma Po Tofu sure have conjured up a weird flavour but strangely, it works. But I have to wonder… what’s up with the Panda?

The Details

Somewhere in Shanghai.

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