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Mega Bakery

Mega Bakery is a Taiwanese Bakery in Richmond that carries a wide selection of sweet and salty baked goods including cakes, steamed buns, bamboo rice wraps. Not to mention some really carbolicious sandwiches.

The exterior of Mega Bakery looks like an out dated salon. Inside, to the right holds trays of baked goods and sandwiches. To the left are cookies and baked puddings. Down the middle lays a small island carrying trays of cakes, breads and other delectables. Towards the back are steamed buns, vacuumed sealed soy eggs and preserved vegetables and tapioca puddings.

Tre and I come here for the steamed buns and the odd sandwich. The sandwiches are awesome but aren’t the healthiest. Mega Bakery makes three kinds. All are halved, double stacked and made with white bread. One has mayo, fried egg, cucumber and shredded pork. Another has mayo, shredded pork and processed cheese. And finally, there is the ham and cheese with mayo (are you sensing a theme here?).

Mega Bakery
(Left to right: 1. Steamed veggie buns. 2. Rows upon rows of baked delectables.)

The steamed buns are fantastic. Mega Bakery carries four kinds: pork and vegetable, vegetarian, plain and green onion. We like both the vegetarian and the green onion variety. The vegetarian buns are filled with bean thread noodles and veggies. The green onion buns are salty/sweet and pungent — I wouldn’t recommend eating these before a date unless you expect to make a quick exit.

Mega Bakery always has freshly baked goods, although it’s a bit on the pricey side — but it’s worth it. Get there early (in the morning if possible), the sandwiches and buns are usually the first to go.

Perfect for: Carbolicious Taiwanese treats

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3779 Sexsmith Road, Richmond

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