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I’ve never really been into donuts. That is, until we tried Lee’s. I didn’t understand the hype over donuts. They’re high in calories, heavy, dense and really not all that exciting. But then I realized, I just haven’t had a good donut. Ok, I have to admit Krispy Cremes are pretty good, but Lee’s donuts are better.

What’s great about Lee’s donuts is they don’t make you feel like you want to hurl after eating one, or feel like the sugar is eating away at your teeth. They don’t taste like preservatives, or chemicals have been added in order to maintain shelf life. The cake donuts are freshly made everyday with a wide range of flavours. Tre and I find it hard not to leave with a few during our Granville Island grocery excursions. There’s a lot of yummy flavours ranging from peanut, mango, pumpkin (seasonal), apple, chocolate, honey dip, glazed, unglazed… you get the picture.

There’s one downside to these yummy delights, they could add some extra pounds to your waist line if you eat too much. They’re a little thrifty on the fillings inside the donuts sometimes. Price wise: more expensive than the regular donut shops. But then again, you get what you pay for. And what you get at Lee’s Donuts is simply yummy!

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#122 – 1689 Johnston St.

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