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Cafe Crepe is a European style cafe that serves a variety of crepes, sandwiches, hot dogs and cheap alcohol. Tre and I like to hit the one on Granville, but it has various locations throughout downtown. We like to do take out since the service inside sucks. The crepe maker people in the front of the house have been more consistent and friendlier at this location.

The one tasty treat I always like to get at Cafe Crepe is the Nutella crepe. I can’t stress how much I love this crepe: warm, gooey, nutella chocolate spread all over a warm crepe really hits the spot, not to mention your waist line. Tre likes the Parisian hot dog. It’s a really long wiener sandwiched between a bun with melted cheese and a rich bechamel sauce. This is also delicious, but if you don’t get it fresh, it’s not delicious — it’s rubbery actually.

Tre and I have eaten inside the restaurant and have gotten terrible service. The only upside to eating in is the cheap alcohol. I can’t recall how cheap it was, but it was stupid cheap. We thought maybe the staff had an off day and decided to try again, but no, still the same. Bad attitudes, slow service. My advice? Stick to the front window. The guys and gals there are definitely friendlier.

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874 Granville St, Vancouver
Vancouver, BC V6Z

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