RecipesRibena Lime Soda


Summer heat getting to you? Here’s a quick, refreshing thirst quencher that’s tart and bubbly with just a hint of sweetness.



1 – 355ml can of club soda (ice cold).
1 – Tablespoon lime juice (half a lime)
1 – Tablespoon of Ribena

What to do

Pour Ribena and squeeze half a lime juice into a glass (a mason jar for hipster cred). Gently pour over the ice cold club soda. No need for stirring, the bubbles from the club soda do that for you. Enjoy. Pro tip: add a pinch of the lime zest for an extra hit of flavour. You can adjust the sweetness to your liking by increasing or decreasing the amount of Ribena.

What is Ribena, you say? It’s a concentrated black current syrup originally from the UK. It’s popular among Hong Kong ex-pats, and you can easily locate bottles of them at your local T & T Supermarket, or Real Canadian Superstore.

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