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Seattle’s Rancho Bravo on East Pine Street has permanently hitched its distinctive green cart declaring ‘Mexican Food,’ to the parking lot of an old KFC to set up shop and serve an assortment of Mexican street food: tacos, tortas, and Mexican style corn on the cob.

Inside, the space that was once occupied by a KFC, appears to have seen better days. There’s a clutter of signage, plastic trays filled with bottles and sauces all around. Rancho Bravo has been able to somehow recreate the street food experience inside: the chaos; the grit; and the wonderful scent permeating from the kitchen.

(Top to bottom: 1. A pair of soft tacos. 2. Pozole soup.)

Case and I started off simple with two soft tacos, one beef and one al pastor: the soft, homemade tortillas hugged a modest assortment of beautifully seasoned meats and fresh garnishes — simple and tasty.

Our tacos were followed by Pozole, a hominy soup with tender chunks of pork in a hearty broth served with fresh tortillas and a squeeze of lime. We suspect this would serve well as one of those magical cure all soups: everything from the common cold to an over-indulgent Friday night hangover.

Finally, Mexican style corn on the cob: grilled buttered corn slathered with mayo, a sprinkling of salt, pepper, and chilli powder, and a squeeze of lime. This is corn on crack, one that’s rarely seen this side of the border. Which is probably a good thing because we’d easily gain a few pounds scarfing half a dozen of these down.

(Above: Mexican style corn on the cob.)

Our meal came to under $18 including taxes, tips and a soft drink, a reasonably street food priced meal that you can eat indoors. The accommodations certainly feel a bit rustic, but that’s easily forgiven when you can taste the heart that’s been put into the food at Rancho Bravo.

Perfect for: indoor Mexican street food.

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1001 East Pine Street, Seattle

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