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This, folks, is the new We’ve been fairly quiet on the blogging front for the past several months. A combination of new parental duties and the daily grind has halted our writing. Although, it hasn’t affected our eating. We kind of still need to do that regularly. I think 2 in 3 doctors recommend it. So expect a steady stream of new posts to come your way in the near future.


Instead of jumping straight back into blogging, however, we took some time to retool the old blog which felt a little long on the tooth. The new design is inspired by all the old menus, dim sum order cards, butcher paper, handwritten restaurant bills, fortune cookies, and various utilitarian design elements from the food industry. Our new logo is an origami homage to the chicken — the noblest of animals — plus, everything tastes like chicken, right? There’s a further hidden homage in that chicken, so a hat tip to anyone that gets it. The new design is a work in progress as we migrate the 400+ posts we’ve accumulated over the past 5 years of blogging. And you’ll likely encounter the occasional hiccup as we fine tune the layout. But that’s all normal. We’ll get to it in due time.

Our followers on Twitter know that we tweet more or less consistently, so you can find us hanging out there. Facebook is currently being treated like that unwanted Christmas gift we never got around to exchanging, so we hang on to it in the hopes that it may one day become useful. We’re also on Instagram, faithfully documenting vintage style shots of our kitchen experiments, meals, and the more than occasional saccharine toddler shot. You’ve been warned.

So we’d like to welcome back our faithful readers and say hello to any new friends. Noshwell is back. Now let’s eat, we’re hungry.

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