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Moderne Burger

There’s been few restaurants whose re-opening has been as heavily anticipated as Moderne Burger. After going down for the count for renovations, and then running into all sorts of problems that delayed the re-opening for months, the question remains: Is Moderne Burger still worth the hype?

Moderne Burger

It doesn’t take a genius to cook burgers and fries. So, any fool should be able put out a decent burger, right? Not so. It seems in an attempt to one up each other, trendy chefs add their “signature” to burgers by drenching overcooked, dry-as-cardboard meat patties with unspeakable sauces. They wrap this hideous creation between sad, brittle buns and overcooked fries. Moderne Burger bucks the trend and starts with the most basic: simple, fresh ingredients made with love and care. The menu is poetically brief: burgers, fries, sodas and shakes.

Moderne Burger

Case prefers the Modern Steak burger, a freshly homemade beef patty with no fillers or seasonings. I like the Turkey Burger with cheese. We share a gigantic plate of fresh cut fries. No meal is complete at a 50’s style diner without a classic fountain drink — may we suggest the Vanilla Coke. Moderne Burger’s re-opening was bitter sweet. I’m glad they’re back — but the half dozen seats that were added hardly seemed worth all that trouble.

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2507 West Broadway, Vancouver

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