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Las Margaritas on West Fourth is a Mexican restaurant well known for their margaritas and salsa. This Kitsilano fixture has a happy, vibrant decor, and can get pretty lively on their outdoor patio during the summer months.

(Above: Huevos Rancheros — Eggs, Salsa, Beans and Rice. Breakfast of Champions, or at least the hungover.)

It’s been awhile since we’ve last been to Las Margaritas. I recall the margaritas were awesome and the food decent. There’s a lot going on inside. The walls are heavily decorated with photos and kitschy artwork. Dark wood furniture and an old saloon influenced bar runs the entire length of one side, while colourfully tiled table tops dot the dining room floor.

(Top to bottom: 1. Welcome to Kitsilano’s own border town. 2. Salsa and chips.)

Tre ordered the crab enchilada filled with a mixture of shredded crab, mushrooms, onions and cilantro. It was covered in cheese and a cream sauce and served with rice and house salad. The enchilada was ok, but the sauce took over the dish, leaving the crab flavour wimpering.

I had the Huevos Rancheros: two eggs on a soft corn tortillas covered with homemade ranchero sauce and green onions, served with refried beans and rice. The only thing on this dish that was half decent was my eggs. The corn tortilla was soggy (but expected due to the ranchero sauce), while the refried beans were bland with a paste-like texture. The rice was forgettable.

(Above: Crab Enchiladas with rice, and salad.)

Our bill including a cup of coffee, taxes and tips came to just under $26 which wouldn’t be too bad if the food was more memorable. The service was spotty, while the complimentary salsa and chips were the standouts that afternoon. Las Margaritas feels more like a chain restaurant operation now — more vibe and image, less heart and food. Hopefully the margaritas still rock.

Perfect for: Drinking and carousing in a border town full of yuppies.

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1999 West Fourth Avenue, Vancouver

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